Hey y'all!

Cara Breaux is the name, I'm the one behind the lens of Passionate Portraits Photography.

I'm a thirty-two year old woman from the country in Texas. I first grabbed a camera when I was six years old and haven't put one down since.

I married the love of my life in 2010 and now have three munchkins, in which they are the core reason for the love I have of capturing moments. We have moved all across the country being a military family, which is perfect for this gypsy soul, and have landed in Virginia for a little while.

I'm a country girl who loves coffee, tacos and beer, and Jesus; I also have a sarcastic sense of humor and a mouth of a sailor, a bubbly and bright personality, and making people laugh is my specialty. Fall has always been my favorite season though Christmas is a close second.

But it's not all about the road I was on, it's about the journey I'm chasing. And all those little parts of my life, is expressed in my work.

I can't tell you just how a sunset makes me feel, or the joy of watching kids chasing fireflies on a warm summer night, but I can show you. Like the beautiful glow of a mom to be, the little features of a precious newborn, the way the groom looks when he first sees his bride, or the excitement of a senior waiting for the next chapter of their life to begin.

I believe our memories are pieces of art to be treasured. And that all adventures, big or small, should be epic.